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Amazing love story: Arunachal girl reached Bihar to find Facebook friend

One day the girl told the young man that I want to meet. The young man called him Gopalganj.

Story Highlights
  • Love is sacred and the greatest love stories provide the kind of feeling we always aspire to enjoy in our lives.

Amazing love story: After friendship on Facebook, a minor girl from Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh fell in love with a young man from Bihar. The girl reached Bihar to meet her lover. She had to go to Gopalpur. But she reached Kadhagola in Katihar, reported Jagran .

Mistaking Kadhagola station as Gopalpur, the girl got down from the train. The Railway Protection Force started questioning the girl on suspicion, the girl told that she is a resident of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. Thinking of Gopalganj station in Bihar, it has landed here.

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The girl told that she came in contact with Ganesh of Gopalganj through Facebook. The two became friends. Then they exchanged their mobile number and also started talking. After this it was not known, when both of them fell in love. Both could not live without each other even for a moment.

One day the girl told the young man that I want to meet. The young man called him Gopalganj. On the call of the young man, she started her journey from Itanagar to Gopalpur to meet her facebook freind.

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But when she reached at Siliguri, the youth is not able to be contacted on mobile. The RPF informed the local police. The child line was informed by keeping the girl under the supervision of the female police. The recovered girl was handed over to the child line. The girl has requested the Bihar Police to contact her facebook friend .

According to report, Police have contacted Arunachal Pradesh Police. The relatives of the girl were informed. Here, the police is also in touch with the Gopalganj police. Search is on for the young man.

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The girl said that Ganesh cannot cheat her. He has called her. Maybe someone will be in trouble, so the phone is not ringing.

There is love between the two for a long time. Both have vowed to live together. He has also promised marriage. The girl said that she would not be able to live without Ganesha.

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