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Tattoo Lover- Woman covered her body with Tattoo, no need for clothes, shares pictures

Aleksandra Jasmin did not like to wear clothes at all. That's why she covered his entire body with Tattoo.

Tattoo Lover: Always every person has different hobbies. Some people are fond of traveling the world, while some people are fond of being famous in the world.  But some people’s hobbies are so strange that we cannot believe. The world calls such people crazy. A woman full of such eccentricities is in the headlines these days.

Aleksandra Jasmin a mother of three children living in Finland, had a strange hobby of tattoos. But when this hobby took the form of a craze, she herself could not even understand. She has done such a thing in this craze that today there is a tremendous discussion everywhere.

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Aleksandra Jasmin did not like to wear clothes at all. That’s why she covered his entire body with Tattoo. These days Jasmine  is in discussion in social media.


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Aleksandra Jasmin shared a picture of her only tattoo-covered body on her Instagram. Yes, She has got his body covered only with Tattoo. Now she doesn’t even feel the need to wear clothes. Because of this picture, now Alexandra’s discussions have started among the people. Aleksandra Jasmin often shares such pictures of herself with her about 1 lakh 76 thousand followers on Instagram too.

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Aleksandra Jasmin is actually a tattoo artist and if she is not doing art on others’ bodies, then she inks her own body. She often shares her naked picture on Instagram. Many times she wears a bikini to flaunt a tattoo. Now if we talk about the tattoos done in his body, then her entire body has been inked leaving only the face. Now Aleksandra treats her fans with nude snaps from time to time.

Aleksandra Jasmin has got different types of tattoos done on her body. It has a big cat tattoo on the stomach and a skull tattoo below the navel. So far, Aleksandra has spent about 17 lakh on this transformation.

While some netizens are admiring her look on social media, many are also making fun of her. Some users called her the most beautiful woman in the world, while there are some people who are making fun of Aleksandra.

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