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VIRAL NEWS- AI predicts what last selfies taken on Earth will look like

you do not need to be surprised, because someone asked such a question and not only got the answer, also got the sample of last selfies to be taken on earth.

Story Highlights
  • When a Tiktok user asked this question to Artificial Intelligence, the answer he got was intimidating.

VIRAL NEWS- Friends, you must have taken selfie with your mobile phone every day at home, office, sometimes in school or college, sometimes with friends, in park or restaurant, but If someone asked you how the last selfie on earth would be…. then you will be surprised that sir what kind of question is this ?.

So friends,  you do not need to be surprised because someone asked such a question and not only got the answer, also got the sample of last selfies to be taken on earth. And those pictures are now going viral all over the world.

Friends, If you are a little interested in science, then you must have known about Artificial Intelligence, but for those who do not know, let me tell you that the ability of a digital computer or computer controlled robot that allows it to think like humans and It helps in doing work, it is called Artificial Intelligence. The use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly these days.

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Friends, even today we are using Artificial Intelligence everyday, but you may not know about it.

Have you ever wondered how the map on your smartphone gives you information about small roads, traffic jams and etc? Takes us to our destination.

Actually your smartphone gives you all this information by collecting data with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s understand with another example, whenever you upload a photo on social media, then your friend who is with you in that photo automatically recognizes his photo and tags it. All these things happen only through artificial intelligence.

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Apart from this, there are many examples of artificial intelligence such as Google Assistant, Alexa, automatic cars that do not require a driver, they all work on artificial intelligence.

So now you must have understood about Artificial Intelligence, so now let’s go back to today’s topic and see who has prepared the last selfie to be taken in the earth.

These are the last ‘selfies’ on earth in which devastation is visible everywhere and people with distorted faces are seen taking selfies. Photos and videos that have gone viral on social media show what the last selfie taken by humans on earth would look like.

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According to media reports, an artificial intelligence image generator called DALL-E 2 has been used by various people to show what the last selfie taken on Earth would look like.

When a Tiktok user asked this question to Artificial Intelligence, the answer he got was intimidating. Artificial intelligence showed how humans would photograph themselves standing in front of a burning world with melting skin, bloodied faces and strange bodies. DALL-E AI believes that this will be the last selfie taken at the end of time.

What is this technology?

DALL-E AI, developed by Open Artificial Intelligence, is a new system that can create a complete picture when given a language description. The Tik Toker robot overlords asked this artificial intelligence to show the last selfie of the earth.

AI generates pictures

According to media reports, in response to the question of Tiktok, Artificial Intelligence made many pictures. Each image shows a person holding a phone in front of their face and the end of the world behind them. Behind are scenes of bombs falling, huge tornadoes and cities of fire, as well as zombies standing in the midst of destruction.

One of the selfies is an animated image of a man. He slowly turns his head as if his life flashes before his eyes while bombs are falling from the sky all around him. Some disturbing selfies even look like a zombie with missing eyes and skin. The pictures are so chilling, some TikTok users said that they would now have nightmares after seeing them.

So friends, this was all the information related to the last selfie taken on Prithvi that I shared with you. Now it’s your turn to share it with as many friends as possible. Share in whatsapp, facebook groups. Like the video and give your opinion in the comment box.

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