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Viral Video: girls punching and kicking each other outside a bar in Lucknow

Actually these two girls are a man's former and current girlfriends  who clashed.......

LUCKNOW –  Video of two girls punching and kicking to each other went viral in social media.  Actually these two girls are a man’s former and current girlfriends  who clashed on Monday (October 25) night outside a bar at the Sky Hilton Hotel near the Barabirwa square in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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The girls kicked and punched each other before the condition of the ex-girlfriend deteriorated. She was taken to hospital. It is learnt that the ex-girlfriend of the man has registered a case of assault. Police later arrested the man after the video went viral on social media.

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On Monday night, a girl in the car stopped outside the hotel and Rabin, the man also came to the hotel at the same time. He had two girls with him. The girl in the car started abusing the girls who were with Rabin and soon they started fighting. According to police, the girl in the car was a former friend of Rabin.

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Talking to reporters, police inspector Dheeraj Shukla said that the woman in the car has filed a complaint against Rabin on October 10 and she has accused Rabin of sexually assaulting her on the pretext of loving her. Police was already probing this case when this incident happened outside a bar.

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