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Fight against Petrol Price Hike: Man converted his Bike for 9 persons riding at a time, Watch Viral Video

VIRAL VIDEO- To fight the increasing petrol price every coming day. …. A man converted his bike for riding of nine persons at a time. The video of this bike went viral in social media.

Amid the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel across India, carpooling and public transport are saving the day. A man came up with one such carpooling solution or a ‘desi jugaad’, that has left netizens in splits.

A video was shared by Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA Jaivardhan Singh on his Twitter handle. “When the government took petrol and diesel to the sky, the public made a new jugaad airplane,” JV Singh tweeted in Hindi.

In the video, a man is riding a motorbike that has wing-like wooden planks attached to it with a bunch of people sitting on them with crossed legs. As he drives with not two, not three but as many as nine other riders on a road in a rural area, he balances the bike with the weight of his companions and moves in an airplane motion.

When we see the front of the bike, we find out that there are five women and four children riding on it with the man who’s driving it. As none of them were wearing helmets and with so many people on a single bike, they are in gross violation of traffic safety rules and could even get into an accident. While netizens had a good laugh at the video, it must be pointed out that such jugaad or tricks should not be attempted and travellers should always follow traffic rules to keep themselves and others safe.



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