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VIRAL NEWS: Thieves stole 60 feet long iron bridge in Bihar

Thieves cut the bridge with a gas cutter, uprooted and loded in to a truck with the hep of JCB.

VIRAL NEWS-  A 60 feet long, 10 feet wide and 12 feet high iron bridge over the Ara main canal at Amiyawar village of Nasariganj block in Rohtas district in Bihar was uprooted with the JCB and was stolen under the nose of Rohtas district administration. The officials of the Rohtas district administration and the Water Resource Department were sleeping tight. Meanwhile, the Junior Engineer, Water Resource Department lodged an FIR in this regard. Police are investigating the matter and also conducting raids to arrest the miscreants.

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Some thieves stole an iron bridge 60 feet long and weighing 20 tons and went on. The thieves carried out this amazing theft incident in broad daylight. It is said that some people came posing as officers of the Irrigation Department and started cutting and uprooting the old iron bridge over the canal.

The thieves cut the bridge with a gas cutter, uprooted and loaded in to truck with the help of JCB and went on with ease. Later it was found that they were thieves, not officers of the irrigation department. Knowing the reality, where the villagers were also surprised, on the other hand, the incident of theft of the bridge also created a ruckus in the local administration. Please note that this bridge was not in use.

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A 60 feet long, 10 feet wide and 12 feet high iron-bridge was built in between 1972 to 1975 across the canal at Amiyawar village after a boat had capsized in the canal in the year 1966. When the iron bridge was partially damaged, a parallel concrete bridge was built across the canal in the village about 525 feet away from the iron bridge. After construction of the new bridge, communication through the old bridge was closed.

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The most interesting thing is that the thieves also took the help of the local departmental personnel on the pretext of being an officer of the Irrigation Department and stole the entire bridge in their presence. In the presence of local employees, the thieves kept cutting the bridge and carrying it on the pickup. This sequence continued for 3 days, but neither the local employees nor the top officials could even know about it.

The villagers are shocked by this development. Villagers told that they were understanding that the officials of the Irrigation Department were removing the damaged bridge. Villagers told that they had also seen some departmental personnel on the spot during this time, who are seasonal employees of the area. Due to this he could not speak anything and the entire bridge was stolen. People were not using this iron bridge as it was dilapidated.

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Villagers said that some anti-social elements had taken away irons of the bridge before but it was not known so far as to who had taken the iron and where. They further said that when the anti-social elements were uprooting the iron bridge on Monday night, they had queried by whose order the bridge was being uprooted, The anti-social elements had replied that they were employees of irrigation department. The villagers said that over 20 tones of iron had been stolen so far.

Assistant Engineer, Water Resource Department, Radheshyam Singh said that he was on leave. When he knew about stealing of iron bridge, he directed the JE to lodge an FIR at once. He said that the iron bridge was not in use. The local Mukhia had requested in writing to remove the bridge but due to some legal complexity, it could not be removed. He added that it is a matter of inquiry as to how the bridge was stolen.

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