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VIDEO- Bole India

Trending- Protest against Agneepath Scheme

Many Retired Army officials are dissatisfied with this scheme .

Story Highlights
  • Agnipath, the tour of duty scheme, proposes the recruitment of jawans on a contractual basis for a four-year period followed by compulsory retirement for most without gratuity and pension benefits.

TRENDING VIDEO-  Why people protesting across the country against Agneepath scheme of Central Govt.? Agneepath scheme will make the country’s army strong or weak, Experts Views. Watch the video to know and understand everything. 

Earlier under the old system, youths aged between 16.5 – 21 years were selected for a minimum of 15 years of service and used to get a pension after retirement, now youth aged between 17.5 and 21 years  will be selected for a four years service  and get a 11 lakh rupees after over of four years.

Many Retired Army officials are  dissatisfied with this scheme .


देश भर में क्यों हो रहा है अग्निपथ योजना का विरोध । अग्निपथ योजना देश की सेना को मजबूत बनाएगा या कमजोर, इस बारे में एक्स्पर्ट्स किया कह रहे हैं । सब कुछ जानने और समझने के लिए वीडियो जरूर देखें।

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