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Viral Video- Unique Protest by performing yoga, Bath in a road filled with water

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  • Some people on the internet have even called him to be a “look-alike of Baba Ramdev” too

VIRAL VIDEO-  How the potholes of the roads make life difficult for the commuters and other people. A group of people organized a unique protest in Malappuram, Kerala by performing Yoga and Taking Btah on Potholes to inform the authorities. Nazim and some of his friends, residents of Pandikad gram panchayat in Malappuram, took a bath with water filled with potholes in the road to register their protest. While the MLAs of the area were passing through the spot. The video of this entire episode is going viral.

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In the video, Nazim is seen sitting in a pit. During this, Manjeri MLA UA Latif was passing through these pits. As soon as the MLA saw the performance of these youths. He got down from his car to talk to them. However, during this time Nazim refused to talk. To register his symbolic protest, Nazim stood in a yoga posture in front of the MLA. His action is being highly praised on social media.

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Nazim told that his purpose is to protest in different ways. So that the reality can be visible to the public and the concerned authorities. At least 10 of them planned similar protests in different parts of Malappuram. Where the condition of the roads had worsened for the last three months. Whereas the rain has made the condition of bad roads even more pathetic.

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Meanwhile, The Kerala High Court has directed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to complete the maintenance work on all roads in the state within a week.

The court directed all district collectors to take appropriate action against the engineers and contractors responsible for potholes on the roads. The court also made it clear that the District Collectors, as heads of the concerned District Disaster Management Officers, also have the responsibility to improve the condition of the roads. Justice Devan Ramachandran asked whether the officers were waiting for death to take final action. The judge has also remarked that the collector cannot remain a mute spectator.

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