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VIRAL VIDEO: When tourists escape from Rhino attacks in KNP

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Story Highlights
  • According to the census held in March 2018, the rhino population in Kaziranga National Park is 2,413.

VIRAL VIDEO-  A video clip of a Rhino attacked on tourists in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) attracted netizens.  It can be seen in the video that a group of tourists had gone for a jungle safari. During this, they spotted a rhino. They become happy after seeing the rhino and start taking photo and making videos. It can be seen in the video that the tourists enjoy a lot during this time. During this, something happens after which the become shocked.

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It can be seen in the video that the rhino gets angry due to the video being made by the tourists. After this he tries to attack the tourists. The rhino drives away the tourists sitting in the jeep. This frightens the tourists and they ask the driver to speed car and run  away from there. Tourists may be heard yelling “Please drive fast!” as the Rhino approaches the vehicle. However, the group was able to flee. No one in the tourist group was harmed due to the attack.

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It can be seen in the video that the tourists get very scared during this time. The rhinoceros follows the jeep for about two kilometres, though the driver hurriedly pulls the jeep out of the way and the tourists narrowly escape. This video is being told of Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The video has been shared on an account named @PotholeWarriors.

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Along with sharing the video, the caption read, ‘Tourists narrowly escaped from rhinoceros attack in Kaziranga National Park, Assam. The rhino, seen in the video, followed the jeep of tourists for almost two kilometers. To avoid the rhinoceros, the driver steered the jeep with great skill, which could easily overturn the vehicle with the power of its horn. Keep a distance.’


Menawhile the Rhino have chased tourist vehicles in Kaziranga National Park on several occasions in the past. However, no injuries have been reported in the incident.

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