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Viral Video: A Young Boy with an empty bottle of cold drink as a mike exposed the poor condition of school

In his reporting,12-year-old Sarfaraz exposed the poor condition of the Khimiyachak's school, situated at Mahgama block of Godda district of Jharkhand.

VIRAL VIDEO-  A Young boy, Taking an empty bottle of cold drink as a mike, have played the role of a reporter, and made a video of the problems of the school where he was studying.

In his reporting, 12-year-old Sarfaraz exposed the poor condition of the Khimiyachak’s school, situated at Mahgama block of Godda district of Jharkhand.  Now his Live video went viral in social media.

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In the video, Sarfaraz is roaming around the school telling that there is neither toilet nor drinking water system in the school. Not only this, this ‘little reporter’ also told the arbitrariness of the teachers. Said teachers disappear after taking attendance.

Sarfaraz alleges that after the video surfaced, the school teacher threatened his mother after reaching home. The teacher said that explain to the son, otherwise he will complain in the police station.

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In this rapidly shared video, Sarfaraz Khan has shown that the school is full of dirt. There is no toilet either. Instead of studying in the class room, the fodder has been filled and locked from outside. The place where the food is prepared for the mid-day meal is also littered with dirt. Due to lack of cleanliness, weeds have grown in the school campus.

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When asked the reason behind bringing out the lack of school in this way, Sarfaraz said, ‘When I used to study, even then this was the situation, studies do not happen. There is no facility.’ Now his younger brother studies in this school, so he has made this video viral. Demanding the government to improve the school, Sarfaraz said that he has done this so that his brother and the children studying there should get education.

However, after the video went viral, the teachers teaching there reached his house and asked him not to do so. Sarfaraz said that an attempt has been made to threaten his mother. Sarfaraz claimed that there has been a slight change in the school after the video surfaced.

Meanwhile, Godda district deputy commissioner Zishan Qamar told Dainik Bhaskar that the report of the SDO has been received in this matter. The report of the Block Education Committee will also come by tomorrow, after that action will be taken.

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