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Viral Video: SpiceJet air hostesses dance at Kolkata airport with Bengali actress Monami Ghosh

Several other air hostesses have also gone viral in the recent past for dancing in empty flights.

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  • Monami Ghosh is a Bengali film and television actress with a career spanning almost two decades. She has acted in several television serials,

VIRAL VIDEO  A video of SpiceJet air hostesses grooving to the popular Bangla song Tapa Tini from the film Belashuru is creating a buzz online. The song, went viral is quite popular on Instagram for its folk dance challenge. The viral clip shows Bengali actor Monami Ghosh joining in on the fun too.

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The viral video shows air hostesses of the airline dressed in their red and black uniform and erupting into a flash mob at Kolkata airport.  Joining them in the centre is Bengali actress Monami Ghosh as they all begin dancing on the airport’s floor to the popular Bengali song Tapa Tini from the movie Belashuru.

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The flight attendants and the actress could be seen dancing in perfect sync. Monami started dancing to the song in the middle as air hostesses danced around her in a circle while clapping their hands. They all then joined Monami and did the steps of the folk dance in coordination. The video was shared by the actress on her Instagram and has received over 449k views and 60k likes.



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Recently, SpiceJet air hostess Uma Meenakshi danced to trending songs in an empty flight. Sometimes, a few of her cabin crew members join her in dance reels. Several other air hostesses have also gone viral in the recent past for dancing in empty flights. However, we’ve never come across a dance performance at the airport, that too by a big group of air hostesses, not just one.

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