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Viral Video: UP Woman Fires Gunshots in Air to Celebrate Birthday

UP police has filed a case against the irresponsible act of the woman.

Story Highlights
  • The bullet could have hit anyone and been fatal or injured someone who might have been in the vicinity of the woman.

VIRAL VIDEO-   A video is going viral on social media where a woman can be seen firing gun shot in the air while celebrating her birthday. The video was allegedly of a woman  from Uttar Pradesh who was celebrating her birthday.  UP police has filed a case against the irresponsible act of the woman.

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The video, shot in a dark and narrow lane at night, shows the woman standing in the middle of with a person behind her and another in front. The lane is dimly lit with blue lights and music could be heard playing in the background. She is then seen lifting her arm and firing a shot in the air with a gun. The video also sees a man along with the woman but his face is not clearly visible due to the dim lights.

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People are also seen walking past the people firing in the air. Many accidents of bullets hitting people take place during celebratory firing. In this case, given how narrow the lane is and with the number of people around, the bullet could have hit anyone.

UP police has filed case against the woman in the video when they saw it on social media. Police tweeted that they are taking legal actions against the alleged woman. SheThePeople was unable to verify the police action independently. The video of the woman was criticised across the internet.

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Meanwhile,  Incidents of celebratory firing are nothing new in areas of North India an these are usually seen happening in weddings, birthdays and parties like these. Just two days ago, 2 people were arrested for allegedly firing celebratory gunshots at a wedding function in Kalyanpuri village in Uttar Pradesh. And a couple days earlier, a group of people, including two security guards, recently opened fire in the air during a birthday celebration in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida.

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