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Viral Video: when Kangaroos interrupt golfer in a Golf Course

Australian golfer Wendy Powick recently faced an unusual hindrance while playing when a group of Kangaroos were seen coming towards her and blocking the fairway.  The incident was captured in a viral video. However, as per reports, the Kangaroos had moved away shortly.

‘Never ever seen this happen before when a whole mob of kangaroos at Arundel Hills Country Club decided to charge up the fairway and stop right at the front of the Tee box to watch me… absolutely gold and only in Australia…,’ Ms Powick wrote.

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The footage captured the golfer preparing to swing at the tee box when a large group of at least 15 kangaroos appeared in the distance and swarmed the green, hopping towards Ms Powick.

A man can be heard from behind the camera saying: ‘How’s this for golf today. They’ve all decided to settle in the middle of the fairway.’

Some of the roos continued to hop around the area, while the others stayed still and focused on the stunned golfer.

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Ms Powick turned to the camera with a confused look on her face and laughed in shock at what was occurring.

‘They’ve come to watch me tee off,’ the golfer jokingly said.

Several kangaroos started to hop away, but a crowd of the animals still remained as they hoped to watch the golfer’s skills.


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Still confused by the audience of animals in front of her, Ms Powick said: ‘What’s going on?’

The surprising encounter sparked a flurry of comments from amazed viewers online.

One user wrote: ‘Amazing! How good are the roos on the golf course.’

‘That’s an audience!’ said another.

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While a third said: ‘Please no jumping in the gallery.’

Others admitted that the pressure of having kangaroos stare and watch them as they tee off would be a lot to handle.

‘No pressure trying to tee off now that the crowd has rolled in,’ said one.

While another wrote: ‘I don’t think I would trust myself to hit over them.’

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