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Viral Video: Woman Calmly Talks On Phone As Train Passes Over Her

The video was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra.

Story Highlights
  • Some users even tagged Prime Minister's Office demanding the arrest of the woman.

Viral Video-  A shocking video is going viral on social media where a woman can be seen lying under a train as it passes over her. The video was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. Gossiping on the phone is more important,” Kabra said in his Twitter post accompanying the video.

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The video looks like it is being recorded by a man at the station as he could be heard talking to the woman. As the video begins, we see a goods train passing through in full speed. After the train has left the station, we see a woman wearing a red kurta and a scarf on her face. The woman is lying flat on the railway tracks as the train is seen passing over her.

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As soon as the train leaves, the woman sits up on the tracks and takes a call on her phone. She then casually walks off the tracks and gets on the platform, as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened. She could be heard walking away and talking to the man filming the video and someone on the phone.


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