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Viral Video: A bird has died and its companion is giving it its last farewell

The bird became sad on the death of partner, gave voice... Tried to wake up by hugging You will get emotional after watching the video’s last 10 second.

VIRAL VIDEO- What happens if someone leaves you? There is no word for this pain, whether it is human or animal, it is same for all. A video showing this pain is becoming very viral on the internet. In this video, a bird is saddened by the death of its fellow bird and is seen trying to wake him up.

You must have often seen funny videos of animals and birds on social media, but today your eyes will become moist after seeing this emotional and Viral video.

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In the video you will see that the bird moves around his partner lying quietly. makes him sound. He makes every effort to lift her but when he realizes that he is no more in this world, he quietly walks away.

IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared this video on Twitter. Along with the video he wrote, Australian Galah, also known as Pink and Gray Cockatoo, play together for a lifetime. Friend saddened by the death of partner…Finally farewell (0.45 sec) will break people’s heart.

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In this video we can see that a bird is lying dead on the middle road. At the same time, there is another bird nearby which is roaming around in trouble. He comes to the lying bird and starts kissing him. Seeing which you will also understand how much love will be between the two. Anyone will get emotional after watching this video. Because whether it is human or animal, everyone feels the pain of leaving a partner.

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