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Viral video: Woman falls into open manhole while talking on phone

However, the most important lesson to draw from this is that, while on the street, never get distracted by your phone.

VIRAL VIDEO-   In a horrifying incident occurred in Bihar, an incident caught on surveillance camera shows a woman engrossed in a phone conversation fall into an open manhole. The Shocking video clip has since gone viral.

The incident took place on Malia Mahadev Jalla Road, under Ward-56 in Patna. The incident was caught on camera and it has gone viral online. In the video, a crowded road is seen with an open manhole in the middle of the road. Various vehicles were also moving on the same road alongside people on foot. A woman, who was talking on the phone while walking, is seen suddenly falling into the open manhole. But what happened after that was something nobody could have predicted.

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The trending video opens with a woman walking right behind an e-rickshaw. The woman is seen speaking on her phone. As the vehicle moved right in front of her, she did not see the manhole. Just as the vehicle passes the manhole, she gets distracted by something and looks behind, completely missing the manhole. As she moves forward, she steps into the hole and drops right to the bottom. As soon as that happened, the passerby were alerted and everyone gathered around. What happened next was truly heartwarming.


Eyewitnesses then rush towards the manhole to see what happened as a few men try to come up with a plan to lift the woman out of the deep drain safely. According to reports from the area, the woman was fortunately rescued by the locals.

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Local media reported that the manhole was open due to some sewage work but it was not closed after that. However, the delay in its execution has allegedly led to several such accidents. Though many on social media said that the woman should have been more careful, they also pointed out that no signs had been put up near the open manhole to alert passersby.

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However, the most important lesson to draw from this is that, while on the street, never get distracted by your phone. In fact, all your faculties should be focussed on what is happening around you rather than on the phone. Whether it is walking, cycling, driving or doing any other activity outside the house, do not get onto your phone.

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